What is Openly's Stance On Dogs In the Household?

Openly has no dog breed restrictions. Agents still need to input the details for dogs in the dwelling on the Property Review tab in the Portal.


If the dog—regardless of size or breed—has ever bitten or attacked a person, the policy will not qualify with us. Openly does not offer a dog exclusion.

The questions you must answer on the Property Review tab are the same for all policy types.

For Primary, Secondary / Seasonal, and Long-Term Rental:

  • Any dogs?
    • Answer yes if any dogs reside at the insured location
    • Answer yes if the Policyholder allows Tenants to have dogs

If yes to the first dog question, then two additional questions will need to be answered:

  • Any dogs over 25 pounds?
    • Answer yes if the dog is expected to reach over 25 lbs
  • Has any of the dogs ever bitten or attacked a person?

Is Openly OK with horses or other animals? Read more about it here.

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