Why Am I Being Asked for the Last Four Digits of the Social Security Number?

The information entered on the Interview tab is used to retrieve vendor reports for determining eligibility during the quoting process. In most cases, Openly can generate a quote with just three pieces of information: the Applicant's name, Date of Birth, and property address. However, there may be instances where it is difficult to match this information to the Applicant's record. In such cases, the system will prompt for the last four digits of the Applicant's Social Security Number (SSN).

This issue can arise due to misspellings in the Applicant's name, incorrect Date of Birth, or incorrect property address. It can also occur even if the information has been entered correctly, particularly when the Applicant has a common family name, recently married, or the property is newly constructed.

Once the Interview tab has been completed and you have clicked the Continue button at the bottom of the page, the information cannot be altered. Start a new quote if any of the required information is incorrect.

If the fields on the Interview tab are correct, enter the last four digits of the applicant's SSN when prompted.

What if the insurance applicant doesn't have an SSN?

Some applicants—such as those with foreign citizenship—may not have Social Security Numbers (SSNs). If the Portal requests an SSN while generating a quote, we suggest entering 0000. Our model will process the quote, treating the Applicant's information as a No Hit. This could affect the premium.

The situation described above is the only acceptable instance for using 0000 as the last four digits of an SSN.

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