Where Do I Enter Roof Age?

An agent can enter roof age on the Property Review tab in the Portal. 


If 51% or more of the roof has been replaced, Openly will allow agents to use that completion date as the roof year built.

Should the roof age or material need updating after the policy is bound, we will accept the following forms of proof:

  • An itemized estimate or invoice from a licensed contractor, proof of payment
  • An inspection report advising roof age with at least five+ years of life remaining
  • Fortified Roof (Wind Mitigation) Certificates 

If you don't know the age of the roof, we recommend the following:

  • Reach out to the customer to verify the information. If the insured is unaware of the roof year,  a Home inspection report, appraisal, or invoice could be used to determine the age.
  • Review resources such as property assessor records, and use your best judgment to select the appropriate roof age.

Contact us via our webform or Live Chat for further help or questions.


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