How Do I Read the Billing Summary?

The policy billing information is in the Billing section of the agent dashboard page. This section displays information about payment status, methods for paying a balance, processed payments, and the chosen billing method.

When the payment method is set to EFT or credit card, it will also indicate whether the policy's Authorization Form has been received. If you see the status show as not received, one must be signed and submitted. Read more about authorization forms.

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Payment Status will show:

  • Paid: This status will display when the outstanding balance is less than $1.00. The six most recent payments will be listed.
  • Balance Due: This status will display when there is an invoice with a due date of today or earlier and the balance has not been paid.
  • Pay Balance: This button will appear when there is a balance to be paid. You can click on it to either send an ePay link or manually pay via ETF or credit card.

The status of check refunds for in-force policies can also be displayed. 

  • Refund Sent: This will show the total sum of check refunds issued during the current term.
  • Refund Cashed: This will show the total sum of check refunds cashed during the current term.

Once a new term begins, values for Refund Sent and Refund Cashed will be reset for the new term. 

If you need further assistance or a new authorization form sent via email, contact us via our webform or Live Chat.

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