How Do I Navigate the Settings Page Within the Openly Portal?


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To view your account settings, click the Settings button in the lower-left corner of the Portal.

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The Settings menu contains multiple editable fields. Under the heading of Profile, the user’s first name, last name, and email address can be updated. Once all changes have been entered, click the Save button. Information about authorized states and user roles is also displayed here. 

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Agency Details

Agency contact information and licensed states appear here. If you need to add an agency user as an Agent or Agency Admin, see how to do so here. You can also find your Agency ID, also known as the Short ID, and if your agency is connected to IVANS. 

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The fourth area shows the users within your agency, their roles, email, and authorized states. To add or edit users, see this help article.

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Raters & IVANS

The Raters & IVANS area shows your comparative raters’ Access Keys. This area is essential when setting up third-party Integrations. You can read more about how to integrate a comparative rater here

Contact your Agency Success Manager if you need to add states to your licensed states. Contact us via our webform or Live Chat if you need further assistance.

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