What Are the Different Agency Roles?

Agency roles are listed within the Settings menu.

Agent role

The Agent role is assigned to licensed insurance producers. This role allows for quoting and binding policies with Openly in the authorized states listed.   


Agency Administrator role

The Agency Administrator role is assigned to individuals who need to add people as agents or change user details as necessary. When an agency is appointed with Openly, one or more users will be assigned the Agency Administrator role in addition to the Agent role.

Currently, all users are assigned the Agent role when their account is created. This role is necessary to access the Openly Portal; please refrain from deleting it.

Agency Administrators who require additional instructions on adding a new user or updating user information can refer to the article, How Do I Add or Edit User Accounts?

If you need further assistance, contact us via our webform or live chat. For adding or updating authorized states, contact your Agency Success Manager.

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