What Additional Underwriting Questions Should I Review?

Seven additional underwriting questions appear in Openly’s quoting system for review. These fields will prefill by default; however, the questions should be reviewed against state guidelines and answered accurately for each quote. 

The additional underwriting questions are as follows: 

1. Is this a detached, single-family home?

2. Is this an unconventional home? Is the home mobile, on a historical registry, a log cabin, or built on stilts?

3. Is the home currently insured?

4. Has the client had a home, condo, or renters insurance policy canceled in the last three years?

5. Any dogs? No restriction on dog breed

  • If yes, are any dogs over 25 pounds in weight?
  • If yes, have any of the dogs ever bitten or attacked a person?

6. Is the primary heating source a stove?

7. Is there a business with customers on site (including daycare)?

  • If yes, is the business a daycare?
  • If yes, how many customers visit the home per month on average?

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