How Do I Use the Activity Feed?

The Activity tab on the Manage Policy page lists each transaction for a given policy. Here is a breakdown of the core components: 


The date the transaction was issued.

The transaction number is denoted by term and transaction number. In this case, the change endorsement is term one, transaction two.

The label indicates the primary data changed in the transaction.

The following transaction types will be displayed in the activity feed:

  • New Business will show whenever a policy is bound
  • Renewals are automatic and occur at the end of each term
  • Renewal adjustments happen when Openly needs to re-price a renewal based on new information
  • Effective date changes represent when a new policy's start date is adjusted
  • Cancellation of an active policy
  • Non-renewals represent a policy that is not eligible for renewal
  • Reinstatements will show when a canceled policy has been restored

Change endorsements can include: 

  • Mortgagee updates
  • Payment method updates
  • Adding or Editing parties
  • Property information changes
  • Coverage changes
  • Policy Mailing Address changes

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