What Are Openly's Home Inspections Like?

If a policy is selected for Inspection, the Selected for Inspection banner will appear on the right-hand side of the quote / policy in the Portal (located above the premium amount).

Openly does not conduct pre-bind inspections. All dwellings selected for inspection would occur after the policy's effective date.

Failure to inspect the property may result in policy cancellation in accordance with the policy's terms and conditions, state laws, and regulations. 

Policies are selected for inspection based on a variety of factors. Multiple characteristics are taken into consideration when determining if a dwelling needs to be inspected, including but not limited to

  • Home Age
  • Roof Age
  • Replacement Cost Estimate
  • Claims History

Openly will first complete a desk inspection and determine if a virtual or in-person inspection is needed.

  • If Openly determines a virtual inspection is needed, an email will be sent to the insured with the binding agent included via Flyreel.
    • For further information about using Flyreel, view this short video!
  • If Openly determines an in-person inspection is needed or the insured is unable to complete the virtual inspection, Openly will order an in-person inspection through a third-party vendor. The vendor will reach out to the insured via phone to schedule. If the vendor is unable to schedule the in-person inspection, they will contact the binding agent to help facilitate the inspection schedule.

Openly’s Inspections Team will only communicate the inspection results with the insured and agent if the inspection finds concerns that need to be addressed. All decisions and communications will be made in accordance with the policy's terms and conditions and the laws of the state where the property is located.

Decisions following the inspection could be:

  • No Action Needed
  • 60 days to fix identified hazards
  • Cancellation
  • Non-Renewal

If you have any questions on this process, would like to check on the status of an inspection, or have a question regarding any inspection findings, email the Inspections Team at inspections@openly.com

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