AL—Fortified Roofs

The endorsement for FORTIFIED Roof (formerly known as FORTIFIED Bronze) is available only in Alabama.

Fortified Roofs enhance a home's resilience against severe weather by ensuring the roof stays intact and prevents water infiltration. Developed from extensive research, a FORTIFIED Roof protects against wind and wind-driven rain.

This coverage insures for the extra costs of upgrading a roof to FORTIFIED Roof standards, including the necessary expenses for FORTIFIED certification.

"FORTIFIED Roof" refers to the entry-level tier of the "FORTIFIED Home™ Program." It does the following:

  • Improves the attachment of roof sheathing
  • Ensures a sealed roof deck
  • Reduces the risk of attic ventilation system failure

This certification applies to a complete roof replacement, cannot be used to upgrade an existing roof, and is subject to the standard claims process.

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