Why Does My Quote Say “Does Not Qualify?”

Openly creates a quote using three pieces of information: the applicant's name, Date of Birth, and property address. The Interview tab provides additional information variables and reports to determine eligibility.

These variables include, but are not limited to:

  • Replacement cost

  • Loss history

  • Insurance score

  • Location

  • Age of home

  • Wildfire risk

  • Public Protection Classification

Eligibility is determined by a combination of these factors when the reports are pulled into the quote. The specific variables considered depend on insurance regulations in the risk state.

If a quote has expired, contains incorrect information on the Interview tab, or requires a rewrite, the new quote may no longer qualify. Openly continuously evaluates its risk appetite and pricing to provide coverage at a sustainable, long-term level.

Does Not Qualify status cannot be overridden. If there is a second Human Named Insured, Agents are welcome to begin a new quote using that individual's information. 

For further assistance, contact your state-specific Agency Success Manager.

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