Which Building Material Do I Choose?

An agent can add the building material for the home on the Property Review tab in the Portal.

Openly will NOT accept Mobile Homes, which are large, transportable, prefabricated homes installed and situated in one place for use as permanent living accommodations without being affixed to a permanent foundation. 

Openly accepts the following options (subject to state-specific guidelines):


Wood Frame, with Masonry Veneer (or curtain wall for multi-story dwellings)

These exteriors consist of a layer of non-structural masonry, such as brick, stone, or manufactured stone, that gives the appearance of solid masonry. There may be a gap between the veneer and the structural component of the home. The structural component can be made of another type of masonry, concrete, wood, or metal.


Wood Frame, with Non-Masonry Veneer

Non-masonry veneer comprises all other siding types, including vinyl, cement fiberboard siding (Hardie Board), or stucco. 

Wood Frame, with Unknown Siding

Use this category if the house has a wood frame, but you're unsure how to classify the siding.


Solid Masonry Structure

Exterior walls are solid concrete blocks, a combination of four-inch thick concrete blocks with an exterior face of split stone, brick, or stucco.


Solid Concrete Structure

These are walls made of concrete bricks, concrete precast forms, or poured concrete that can be left plain or painted. 


Steel Frame

A steel frame comprises columns, beams, and joists, which provide the dwelling structure, much like wood framing. It’s built into grids to support a home's floors, roof, and walls while being durable and light. 


Log Home

This is a home built using modern, conventional techniques with half or flat log siding added to the exterior and interior walls to replicate the look of a log cabin. Please see this article for more information about log homes.


Manufactured Home

Pre-fabricated homes that are affixed permanently to one particular location. For this situation, mark the home in the Portal dropdown as a wood frame home with the appropriate veneer or siding.

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