How Do I Set Up My EZLynx Account with Openly?

Setting up EZ-Lynx to quote with Openly involves more than just providing your credentials. This guide will walk you through obtaining your access key and adding Openly to your EZ-Lynx Rater.

DO NOT use Internet Explorer for this process because the Openly Agent Portal does not support it. We recommend using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari instead.

1. Open the Settings page within the Openly agent portal at the bottom left side of the screen.

2. Click on the Integrations tab.

3. Click the Generate Key button under the EZLynx area.

4. A box titled Access Key Created will appear.

5. DO NOT CLICK CLOSE. You should only close this box after copying the Key into EZLynx.

6. Open a new web browser window and log into your EZLynx account.

7. Navigate to the EZLynx Settings page by hovering over the gear icon on the toolbar's left side. In the Settings menu that appears, click on the first option, Carrier Quoting Setup.

8. Under the heading Carrier Name, locate Openly Inc. and click Set Login (If the interface looks different from your version of EZLynx, you might be using a newer version).

9. A box titled Set Carrier Login will appear. Enter the same email address that you use to log in to your Openly Portal. Paste the key code you copied into the Access Key field in EZLynx.

10. Press Save and Test. Paw prints should move across the screen as your information is verified. 

11. After verifying, EZLynx will display a green check mark under your Login Status.

Have a question? Please see our EZLynx FAQs. Our Customer Experience Team is not able to provide additional insight or troubleshooting. If the advice does not resolve your issue, contact the Admin within your Agency, EZ-Lynx, or your Openly Agency Success Manager for further assistance.

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