How Do I Change or Update a Policy's Effective Date?

If the policy has not been issued yet

You can change the effective date by going to the Coverage tab in the Portal. 


If the policy is issued

You may update the policy effective date only for issued policies that are not yet effective. If an effective date needs to be changed for a policy that is already in force, follow these steps:



1.  Open any issued policy from the search screen by clicking Manage.

2.  Select New Transaction.

3. Select Change Policy Effective Date, then Create.

4. Choose the new effective date, and you’ll see a summary of any premium changes.

5. Click on the Next button to see the review of the change.

6. Click on the Issue button, and you will get confirmation of the change and be notified that new documents are available.

7. Click the View Documents button to view the new documents.

To learn more about how the effective date can impact a premium, see our articles How Does a Policy's Effective Date Change the Premium? and What Is the Advanced Quote Discount?

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