Why does Openly require agents to set up EZLynx with an access key?

An access key enables secure communication between Openly's system and third-party systems such as EZLynx or other raters. Additionally, it helps us identify the agent who created a specific quote.

Why can't I see my access key?

Your access key is similar to a password, and its availability is limited after generation to ensure its security. Unlike typical passwords, used every time you log into an account, your access key is only required when setting up Openly access in EZLynx. Hence, storing it after linking Openly to your EZLynx account is unnecessary.

Why did I receive an error message in EZLynx for Openly?

If you received a message in EZLynx that says for Openly, it might be because we need the last four digits of the customer's Social Security Number (SSN). If you do not have the last four digits of the applicant's SSN and want to run the quote without it, you must do this through the Openly Portal directly. 

At this time, our Customer Experience Team is not able to provide additional insight or troubleshooting. If this guidance does not resolve your issue, contact the Admin within your Agency, EZ-Lynx, or your Openly Agency Success Manager for further assistance.

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