Agency Resources

Appetite Guide & Coverage Highlights

This guide is designed to help agents identify homes in their market ideally suited for Openly.


Openly Homeowners Insurance Coverage Guide

This guide offers a comprehensive look at Openly's HO-5 policy, written for primary residences and secondary or seasonal homes.


Openly Landlord Insurance Coverage Guide

Our Landlord Insurance Coverage Guide provides a comprehensive overview of Openly's landlord policy coverage, written as a standard or enhanced HO3 for homes rented-to-others.


Openly Claims Difference

This resource outlines our approach to managing claims and what to expect at every stage of the process.


Why Openly: For Consumers 

Use this resource to assist you in conveying the benefits of an Openly policy to your clients with ease.


HO-5 vs. HO-3 Comparison: For Consumers

Help your clients understand the key differences between Openly’s primary HO-5 policy and the industry-standard HO-3 homeowners policy.

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