What Are Openly's Service Level Agreements?

In order to ensure that we are transparent in our agent experiences, Openly has established the following service level agreements. When reaching out to Openly for support, transaction requests, or underwriting inquiries, we aim to resolve 90% of emails (transaction or inquiry) and chats within the following timeframes:

Initial Interactions:

  • Chat: We will respond to your chat within two minutes of the request being made during normal operating hours (9 AM-8 PM ET).
  • Email (webform): We will respond to your email within eight business hours from when the request was made.
  • Phone calls: We target answering your call within 20 seconds of selecting the agent queue in our phone system (IVR) during normal operating hours (9 AM-8 PM ET). 

Transaction Requests:

We aim to exceed these targets and often do significantly. Regardless of which channel (phone, chat, or email) the transaction request is made, the following SLAs are in effect:

  • Mortgagee Bill: one business day
  • Change of Mortgagee:  one business day
  • Policy Effective Date Changes:  one business day
  • Non-premium bearing Endorsements:  one business day
  • Premium bearing Endorsements: 
    • One business day to create the proposal and send it back to the agent
    • One-half business day to process the transaction once Openly has received written confirmation from the agent to complete the transaction
  • Urgent Requests:
    • When a same-day transaction needs to be requested for home purchase / closing, Openly will escalate the requests and attempt to complete the request as quickly as possible
    • The agent needs to indicate that the request is for a same-day closing where the closing cannot occur without the transaction being completed immediately


Whenever the agent relationship specialist working with you cannot process the question or request and needs to escalate, Openly has a one business day SLA to complete the request. This can include:

  • Specific coverage or underwriting questions/scenarios
  • Technical issues with the portal or rater (i.e. EZLynx)
  • Leadership responses
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