What Are the Contact Information Emails, and Can I Edit Them?

Under the Agency Details within Settings is the Contact Information area. Each email has a specific function for the type of communication that Openly sends out.

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Principal email - The email address on file for your agency's principal. Sensitive information from Openly will be delivered to this inbox. 

Notifications email - Any policy-related communication goes to this email address. This includes general notifications like moratorium notices or company holidays.

Commissions email - This email is where we send communication regarding commission questions. This should be reserved for those you approve to see commission amounts and communication.

Reports email - This email is where you want reports regarding the agency performance data to be sent.

Email (under General Information) - The primary email address of the insurance agency.

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You may edit most of these email addresses, except for the Principal Email, if you are an agency administrator

  1. Click on Edit in the upper right of the Contact Information area.
  2. Click within the email field that requires a change and type the new email address.
  3. Click Save.

To change the Principal Email address or for further assistance, please reach out to your ASM or contact the Agent Experience Team either via Live Chat or our webform.


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