What is Openly's Stance on Previously Cancelled or Non-Renewed Policies?

Openly’s rating program considers multiple variables, and we have identified that certain combinations of attributes are not within our risk tolerance. The specific variables considered depend on insurance regulations within the risk state.

Customers previously canceled or non-renewed by the company due to policy characteristics not within our underwriting eligibility will be ineligible.

Openly will make every effort to notify agents of any non-renewal or cancellation actions taken, allowing time for the customer to find coverage with another carrier that may be a better fit. Customers will receive their notification via USPS mailing at least 60 days before the non-renewal date (subject to state-specific guidelines). Agents will also receive a copy of this notice by USPS mailing.

For additional information, see this article.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, contact your Openly Agency Success Manager.

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