How Do I Use the Non-Renewals Dashboard?

The Non-Renewals dashboard is a feature that allows your agency to see non-renewed policy information within the Openly Portal in real-time. Additionally, emails regarding non-renewals will be sent to the agency principal every month if your agency has one or more impacted policies. The agent of record will continue to receive an email for pending non-renewals.


The dashboard is in the Portal sidebar and displays information such as Policy Information, Agent, Premium Amount, Non-Renewal Reason, and Expiration Date. 

To the upper left is a drop-down menu of all the agents in your agency. You can filter non-renewals by the Agent Of Record on the policy.

To the lower left, a drop-down menu will allow you to display up to 20 policies per page.

Clicking on the policy number will take you to the agent dashboard within the policy itself.


For further assistance, please contact us via our webform or Live Chat. The Support Team doesn't have information or insight regarding reasons for non-renewals listed as "other.” If you have questions, contact your Agency Success Manager.

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