How Does eSign For Openly's Electronic Documents Function?

If a policyholder opts for electronic documents, they will receive paperwork via email to be signed electronically. Openly prioritizes safeguarding policyholder information and utilizes DocuSign, a secure platform for completing documentation. 

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The policyholder will receive an email asking them to review the documents before signing. They can click the Review Document button to begin the process.

If the policyholder struggles with signing the documents, there are a couple of ways to assist them.

Ask the policyholder to scroll to the bottom of the document email sent on Openly's behalf.

The first option they should see is the Alternative Signing Method, which directs the policyholder to visit DocuSign's website and access their documents using the security code provided in the email.

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Another option is to ask the policyholder to click on the Help with Signing link in the email, directing them to DocuSign's Support Center, where they can find an instructional video and written guidelines on how to eSign the document. DocuSign’s website also offers the option to request assistance from their support team via messaging or chat.

Contact us via our webform or Live Chat if you need further assistance.


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