Not a Fit For Openly

  1.  Multi-family homes: Two or more family units in the same main dwelling. A family unit is the number of separate and distinct livable units within the property.1
  1. Mobile homes: Homes fabricated in a factory with an integrated chassis, then transported to a site as self-contained living units.
  1. Log or timber cabins: Homes constructed with interlocking log weight-bearing walls where the logs are typically both outside and inside surfaces of the home. Openly does accept log homes over 1,500 sq ft.
  1. Homes that are on a historic registry: Homes listed on local, state, or national historic registries, which come with restrictions on structural repairs and upgrades.
  1. Homes that are built on stilts or piers: Homes that are raised on piles or piers (vertical parts of the foundation that are driven deep into the ground) over the surface of the soil or a body of water. 1
  1. Homes with on-site businesses: Homes hosting a home-based business with over five monthly visitors. Homes with daycares may have limited coverage. 1
  1. Homes with unconventional heating sources: Homes where the primary heating source is a non-thermostatically controlled stove, such as wood, kerosene, etc.
  1. Townhomes and condos: Townhomes and condominiums under a master policy with coverage for exterior structure or roof. 2
Do_not_meet_current_building _codes-min.png
  1. Homes that do not meet current building codes: Homes not compliant with current building codes, including those with outdated electrical or plumbing systems such as knob-and-tube wiring or fuses.
  1. PPC 9 and 10: Homes with a greater risk of fire damage that are classified as Public Protection Class (PPC)  9 or 10.
  1. Older rental properties: Homes that are 20 years or older rented-to-others.
  1. Homes with non-standard roofing materials: Rolled roofs or homes with roof materials including gravel, t-lock shingles, or asbestos. 

1 State variations may apply.
2 Coverage for townhomes or condominiums not available in IN, MS or KY.

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