How Do I Bind a Policy With a Different Agent of Record?

We recognize that the person filling out the information for a quote might be different from the Agent of Record (AOR), so here's how to ensure a policy is assigned to a particular agent.

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  1. Navigate to the quote by clicking the Quotes button, then clicking on the policy number, or by clicking the Search button to input the property address, insured name, or policy number in the Portal's sidebar. Once the policy appears, click View.

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  1. Click on the Payment & Bind tab and look for the Agent of Record section.
  2. Click on Myself (your name) if you will be the Agent of Record, or choose another agent from the dropdown. The dropdown to choose another agent will only display agents appointed with Openly in the property's state. If the potential Agent of Record's name isn't shown, contact your assigned Agency Success Manager to become appointed in the state.
  3. Review the policy information to ensure the property and eligibility questions are answered correctly. Then, review the checkboxes under the Payment & Bind tab and click the Request Bind button.

Once issued, the designated Agent of Record will receive an email informing them that a policy has been bound under their name. Policy documents will generate on the Documents tab. 

For further assistance, contact us via our webform or Live Chat.

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