Why is Openly Requiring a Renewal Inspection?

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide best-in-class risk selection, Openly will be implementing renewal inspections on select homes.

Effective June 17, 2024, less than 10% of homes insured with Openly in Georgia and Alabama will be selected for a renewal inspection. Additional states will follow in the coming months.

Policies selected for inspection may include:

  • Homes that have never been inspected
  • Homes that were only inspected virtually
  • Homes with policies that have been renewed 2+ times since the original inspection

Based on the results of the inspection, one of the following will apply:

  • No action required
  • Action required: A notice will be sent to the policyholder with details of the required repairs
  • Non-renewal: If the policy has been selected for non-renewal, notifications will be sent to the agent and policyholder following Openly’s current non-renewal process
FAQ Inspection Timeline and Videos
Why is Openly requiring renewal inspections?
  • Industry-standard and best practice to re-inspect risks
  • Helps identify potential hazards that could lead to future claims
  • Gather data to ensure that risks are appropriately rated
  • Achieve the goal of best-in-class risk selection
How are the inspections completed?
One of the following inspection types will be ordered:
  • Virtual: Using Flyreel (a self-guided property inspection app), policyholders can complete their inspection virtually. If the inspection is not completed within 10 days, Openly will automatically order an in-person inspection.
  • In-Person: Openly will order an in-person, external inspection with Mueller.
How will agents and policyholders be notified that a policy has been selected for an inspection?
  • Policyholders: If a policyholder is selected to complete a self-guided inspection through Flyreel, they will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the inspection from Flyreel directly. If an in-person inspection is ordered, the inspection company, Mueller, will call the policyholder directly to notify the policyholder of the upcoming inspection. The policyholder does not need to be present for an external inspection.
  • Agency: The agent of record will receive an email when a policy has been selected for inspection. The email will include the policy number and type of inspection requested.
When will Openly take action against a policy?
  • If identified hazards can be repaired, a notice will be sent to the policyholder.
    • Example: Low hanging branches over a roof, peeling paint, broken windows, etc.
    • Policyholders will have 60 days to complete repairs before a policy is selected for non-renewal.
  • If identified hazards are not repairable, the policy will be selected for non-renewal. A Notice of Non-Renewal will be sent to both the agent and policyholder following the current non-renewal process.
    • Example: If a home's primary heat source is a stove, a non-renewal notice would be issued. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide coverage for properties where the primary heating source is a non-thermostatically controlled stove.
How do I submit proof of repair?
  1. When repairs are completed, a paid invoice including a detailed description of the completed work and time-stamped photos of the repairs should be submitted to Openly’s Customer Experience team here.
  2. Customer Experience will escalate the documents for review to the Underwriting team. Please ensure any additional documentation is submitted within 10 days.
  3. If the non-renewal is rescinded, the Customer Experience team will provide updated policy documents to the agency and policyholder.
What happens if the policyholder does not respond and an inspection is not completed?
If an inspection cannot be completed, the policy will be non-renewed unless located in a state where the Department of Insurance prohibits this action.
If the policyholder receives a notice of non-renewal for not completing the inspection, can another inspection be ordered?
Requests for additional inspections need to be submitted through the Customer Experience team and escalated to Underwriting. Please submit requests here.
Will a non-renewal for not completing an inspection be rescinded if an alternate inspection is completed before the non-renewal date?
Due to the unique nature of renewal inspections, all requests to rescind a non-renewal will be reviewed by our Underwriting team. Circumstances may occur where rescinding a non-renewal will not be possible. We cannot non-renew a policy for failure to complete an inspection in select states. If you have additional questions, please contact your Agency Success Manager.
If the policyholder is sent a notice for roof concerns, can the policy stay in force if the settlement option is changed to ACV?
Only repairing identified hazards will allow the policy to renew.

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