How Do I Generate or Upload an Application to the Portal?

Openly allows agents to download and print an application for signature or send the application for e-signature (usually via DocuSign). These options are at the bottom of any policy's Payment and Bind tab. 

We require either an e-signed application or an application with a wet signature to be uploaded within thirty days of policy issuance, except in Pennsylvania.

For new business in Pennsylvania, we ask that a signed application be returned within ten days of the policy effective date. If a signed application is not received, we will issue a cancellation with 30 days' notice.

Make sure to submit all pages of the signed application.
To upload a signed application to the Portal, follow the steps below:

  1. Search for the policy in the Portal.


2. Once the correct policy is located, click Manage.


3. Click Upload Document and select Manually Signed Application from the Document Type dropdown menu.


4. Click Choose File or drag and drop the applicable file into the Document space provided, and click Save.

A success message will appear once the application has been correctly uploaded. 

Should an applicant have trouble eSigning the electronic documents, see this article for assistance.

Contact us via our webform or Live Chat if you need further assistance.

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