What Are Openly’s Coverage C Sub-Limits?

Openly offers an endorsement for HO-5 policies that provide higher sub-limits for the following coverages:

Item Limit
Money, Currency $2,500
Securities $10,000
Watercraft $3,000
Trailers not used with Watercraft $5,000
Business property on/off premises

On-premises $15,000

Off-premises $10,000

Portable electronic equipment $10,000
Antennas, tapes, wires, records $5,000


This endorsement also includes an added sub-limit for the following items:

Wine $10,000
Comic books & Trading Cards $10,000
Collectibles, Figurines $10,000
Theft of Rugs & Tapestries $10,000
Theft of Tools $10,000
Art $10,000
Legally obtained marijuana $250

Coverage is subject to the policy deductible.


These sub-limits for the following coverages are based specifically on a loss due to the peril “Theft of, Misplaced or Lost”:

Theft of, Misplaced or Lost Jewelry, Watches, Furs $5,000
Theft of, Misplaced or Lost Firearms $10,000
Theft of, Misplaced or Lost Goldware $10,000

Coverage is subject to the policy deductible.

To learn more about our additional coverages, read our article, What Additional Coverages Are Included With an Openly Policy?

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