What is Blanket Contents Coverage?

Blanket contents can be endorsed on the Coverage tab for Primary Residence and Secondary/Seasonal policy types. Documentation is not needed to add an item to blanket coverage. 

This endorsement provides coverage for personal property that is:

  • Owned by the Named Insured
  • Kept at the residence premise; or
  • Temporarily away from the residence premise

This endorsement provides coverage limits in $5,000 increments with a maximum coverage amount of $100,000 per property category. It is open perils coverage, settled on a Replacement Cost basis, and there is no deductible.

Our property categories are:




Musical Instruments (not used for business/to receive compensation)



Fine Arts (created as a unique piece or reproduced in limited quantities)



Fine China & Crystal

Rare Coins


Trading Cards

Other Collectibles (including pencils, bottles, figurines, plates, comic books, thimbles, dolls, trains &/or stuffed animals.)

This endorsement should be used for the following:

  • A single item worth less than $25,000 (items valued over this amount need to be scheduled to ensure full coverage)
  • Policyholders not looking for an agreed or market value settlement

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