What is Scheduled Items Coverage?

Scheduled items are only for primary residence policy types and will be endorsed on the Coverage tab.

The endorsement provides coverage for personal property, that is:

  • Owned by the named insured
  • Kept at the residence premise; or
  • Temporarily away from the residence premise

Scheduling items provides coverage limits from $500 to $100,000. This offers open perils coverage with no deductible.

To schedule personal property, documentation is required.

  • For items valued at $5,000 or more, an appraisal dated within the last three years must be submitted.
  • For items valued at less than $5,000, an appraisal or a receipt from within the last three years is required. Receipts older than three years will not be accepted.

For newly bound policies with scheduled items, agents must upload the appraisals to the portal within 30 days of policy issuance.

The property categories for scheduling items are:





Fine Art (created as a unique piece or reproduced in limited quantities)

Fine China & Crystal



Golf Equipment


Jewelry (In Bank Vault only)

Musical Instruments (not used for business/to receive compensation)

Other Collectibles (including pencils, bottles, figurines, plates, comic books, thimbles, dolls, trains &/or stuffed animals.)




Coverage is offered at the following levels:

  • Market Value: Openly will pay the greater of the item's scheduled value or the current market value, up to 150% of the scheduled value. (Not available in the state of GA.)
  • Agreed Value: Openly will pay the total amount shown on the Declarations page.
  • Actual Cash Value (ACV): Openly will determine the item's value at the time of loss, considering depreciation and the cost of replacing the lost or damaged item.

To add scheduled items to an in force policy, submit appraisals and settlement method selections via our webform.

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