Who Can Be Listed As Other Household Members?

The Other Household Members area can be found on the Parties tab in the Portal for HO-5 policy types (Primary Residence and Secondary / Seasonal).



Other Household Members are provided with Coverage C (Personal Property), Coverage D (Loss of Use), Coverage E (Liability), and Coverage F (Medical Payments). This coverage is similar to a renter's policy and is designed to protect their possessions and liability. However, they do not have an insurable interest in the actual property or its structures.

This category is intended for individuals who reside in the home alongside the owner(s) and qualify as household members but do not meet the criteria for coverage in any other way. For example, it can be used for a domestic partner not married to or in a civil union with a Named Insured.

Do NOT assign this category to individuals who are already covered elsewhere within the Openly policy, such as:

  • A Named Insured
  • A spouse (either by marriage or civil union) of a Named Insured as they are automatically granted coverage (they would be listed under the Human Named Insured area).
  • A child or other family member of a Named Insured as they are automatically granted coverage.

This category should NOT be used for tenants, boarders, or renters. Such individuals should obtain their own Renters' policy.

To add an Other Household Member, you will need the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Relationship to Named Insured

Please see this article to learn how to add, delete, or edit an Other Household Member.

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