What is Involved With Covering the Main Dwelling (Coverage A)?

The Coverage A limit for the property insured will be shown on the Coverage tab in the Portal.

Coverage for the main dwelling includes the physical structure itself (as well as the fixtures and systems within the structure, including plumbing, heating, and electrical wiring). It includes any attached structures, such as a deck, porch, or garage.

  • The Coverage A limit can be increased / decreased in a Stated Value State.
  • The Coverage A limit cannot be increased / decreased for Non-Stated Value States.

For Connecticut Policies

In Connecticut, a policyholder or agent can contact us to choose to insure a dwelling at a 50% Replacement Cost Estimate (RCE), which removes the $5 million Guaranteed Replacement Cost (GRC).

Read our Replacement Cost Estimate and Guaranteed Replacement Cost articles for more information.

To learn more about Stated and Non-Valued States, click here.  

 Contact us via our webform or Live Chat to make a change request or if you need further assistance.

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