Who Can Be Listed As Human Named Insureds?

The Human Named Insureds section can be found on the Parties tab. This section pulls the individual from the Interview tab and autofills them under this category.


Every policy must include at least one Named Insured, including everyone listed on the deed to the home.

Generally, this should include every person listed on the deed to the home and, if the policy is an HO5, residing there.  If not residing in the home, see Who Can Be Listed As Additional Insureds?

Provided that there is a valid Legal Entity Named Insured that meets our guidelines and the deed only lists the non-human legal entities, it is permissible to delete the Human Named Insured on the Parties Tab and allow the Human Named Insured to reflect under the Legal Entity tab instead. For more information, see our article, How Do I Add a Legal Entity Named Insured?

Named Insureds and their spouses (including through civil union) enjoy the full protection of the insurance across all coverages:

  • Coverage A (Main Dwelling)
  • Coverage B (Other Structures)
  • Coverage C (Personal Property)
  • Coverage D (Loss of Use)
  • Coverage E (Liability)
  • Coverage F (Medical Payments)

No other category of insured or party enjoys this complete coverage because other parties have an insurable interest that is limited in some way.

See this article to learn how to change the address for a Human Named Insured.

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