How Do I Choose Electronic Documents?

Policyholders have the option to enroll in electronic communications from Openly. By opting in, policyholders may qualify for a reduction of up to $25 on Openly's standard fee, subject to state-specific pricing.

Enrolling in electronic communications means that policyholders will receive the declarations page, policy, authorization forms, and any additional correspondence via email.

Openly may still send receipt confirmations and / or marketing notifications via email, regardless of the opt-in status, as these are not considered electronic policy documents.

If a customer requests electronic documents, it is important to provide an email address before issuing the policy.


The policyholder who elects to allow for this policy, notices, and communications to be sent to the electronic mail address provided by the policyholder should be aware that the election operates as consent by the policyholder for all notices to be sent electronically, including notice of non-renewal and cancellation. Therefore, the policyholder should be diligent in updating the electronic mail address provided to the insurer if the address should change.

If a policy needs updated contact information, see How Do I Update the Policyholder's Phone Number and Email Address?

Please contact us via our webform or live chat to change the document delivery method.

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