How Do I Find Out Information About Commissions?

Openly’s commission data is available via the IVANS Direct Bill commission statement. Agents receive these statements monthly directly to their Agency Management System using IVANS and by email from our Commissions Team.

If you need your agency's 1099 form or have questions regarding commissions, reach out to

Contact the Agency Management System Support Desk for assistance in setting up IVANS for commissions.

See this compiled list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning IVANS commission delivery.


Everyday transactions you can expect to see on your IVANS Commission report are as follows:

  • NBS for New business
  • PCH for  Endorsements
  • XLC for Cancellations
  • REI for Reinstatements
  • RWL for Renewals
  • REW for Rewrite
  • ADJ for Adjustments



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