Who Can Be Listed As Additional Insureds?

This section explains who is considered an Additional Insured and how to add them. An Additional Insured is a policyholder with an insurable interest in the home (i.e., are on the deed) but doesn't live in the home or use the home how it is customarily used.

For example, if Bob sells his home to Alice and enters into a long-term installment contract with her, then Bob might remain on the deed to the home even though Alice controls the home. In this case, Bob doesn't need named insured coverage, so he would be added as an Additional Insured.

Additional Insureds receive Coverages A, B, and premises-related liability. They do not enjoy coverage for their personal belongings, loss of use, or liability unrelated to the premises.  

As a rule, they should have separate insurance (on their primary residence, for example) covering their belongings and personal liability.

In the case of a landlord policy, the home's controlling owner(s) should typically be listed as Named Insureds, not Additional Insureds. Even though they don't reside in the home, they usually use it (i.e., they derive rent from the property) and would require Loss of Use (Coverage D), provided to Named Insureds but not Additional Insureds.

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