What if There is a Business on the Residence Premises?

When an employee visits the dwelling, each day of work counts as a visit; e.g., one employee visiting on six days would exceed our desired risk appetite.

On the Property Review tab in the Portal, agents will see a question related to if there’s a business on the premises.

Openly's state-specific guidelines for this question are two-fold: the first is to determine if a business is operated from the household; the second is to establish the frequency of customer visits to the business.

The two questions asked are:

1. Does the Named Insured (or other household members) operate a business from the household?

  • The critical aspect of this question is whether customers come to the insured location to conduct transactions.
  • Is the business a daycare? Is it a daycare where the named insured collects payment to care for multiple children who are not family or household members?
    • If there is a daycare business at the insured location, Openly does not have an underwriting appetite for those risks, excluding Maine and Oregon.

2. How many customers / employees visit the home monthly? If a business is conducted at the insured location and customers come to the home, how many typically visit each month?

  • Openly does not have an underwriting appetite for those risks if there are more than five customer / employee visits per month.
  • For eligible homes with less than five customer / employee visits per month, coverage will not apply for a loss if it is connected to a business conducted from an insured location.

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