What is Under Construction Coverage?

Limited Coverage for Theft of Personal Property Located in a Dwelling Under Construction is an optional endorsement that can be selected on the Coverage tab in the Portal only for Primary and Secondary/Seasonal policy types.

This endorsement provides an extension of Coverage C only. It covers theft, in a dwelling under renovation, of materials and supplies for use in the construction until the renovation is finished and the home is occupied. 

See the details below:

  • Openly expects the course of construction to be completed within 180 days. 
  • This endorsement is not meant to replace a builder's risk policy. Openly does not have an underwriting appetite for new builds under construction.
  • A home undergoing renovation is considered under construction and must be unoccupied for the endorsement to apply.
  • This endorsement is excluded once the home is occupied and coverage no longer applies.
  • Openly long-term rental (HO-3) policies are not eligible for this endorsement. 
  • This endorsement removes the exclusion under the HO-5 policy form for Coverage C only.

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