Who Can Be Listed As Non-Resident Trustees?

An Agent should enter Non-Resident Trustee information on the Parties tab in the Portal. This applies to a person who is a trustee of the trust that owns the home but does not live in the house.

A professional trustee, such as an attorney who manages the trust as part of their paid employment, should NOT be listed here. Such a professional trustee should be covered against liability by their professional liability policy.

When a legal entity is a Named Insured, the legal entity's trustee(s) usually requires some coverage. If a trustee lives in the home, they should be listed as a Named Insured (if listed on the deed) or an Additional Household Member (if not listed on the deed). However, if the trustee does not live in the home, they should be listed as a Non-Resident Trustee.

This specific category protects the named Trustee against liability arising from their association with the home.

It does NOT protect the Trustee's personal property and is unsuitable for a trustee who lives in the home.

Please see this article to learn how to add, delete, or edit a Non-Resident Trustee.

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