Does Openly Provide Coverage for Motorized Vehicles? What About E-Bikes?

All Openly policies offer coverage for several motorized vehicles, with some exclusions.

Loss Payees for motorized vehicles cannot be added to the Openly policy, and when a Motorized Vehicle or E-Bike leaves the property, coverage no longer extends.

Golf Carts

Golf Carts cannot be scheduled or blanketed.

They must be designed to carry up to four people and not built or modified after manufacture to exceed a speed of 25 miles per hour on level ground.

For coverage to be triggered at the time of an occurrence, the golf cart must be within these legal boundaries: 

  • A golfing facility and is parked or stored there or being used by an insured to play the game of golf or for other recreational or leisure activities allowed by the facility
  • Traveling to or from an area where motor vehicles or golf carts are parked or stored
  • Crossing public roads at designated points of access to other parts of a golfing facility
  • Located within a private residential community, including its public roads upon which a motorized golf cart can legally travel, is subject to the authority of a property owner association and contains an insured's residence

Openly provides coverage for physical damage up to $7,500. Coverage is excluded for damage due to collision or rollover. The deductible for golf carts is $500.

Tractors, ATVs, UTVs, Gators, Lawnmowers, and Snowmobiles

The above motorized vehicles cannot be scheduled or blanketed.

A personal tractor, Gator, lawnmower, snowmobile, or ATV is covered under Coverage C (Personal Property) and Coverage E (Liability) given:

  • It is not required to be registered for use on public roads
  • They must be used to service the land 


An e-bike CAN be scheduled.

E-bikes (and the accessories) are covered under Coverage C (Personal Property) and Coverage E (liability coverage) given:

  • It is an electrical assist
  • It is not self-propelled

We will accept a receipt in place for an appraisal of an e-bike for scheduling purposes. For more information on scheduling e-bikes, please refer to the article about scheduled items.

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