What Qualifies As an Unconventional Home?

On the Property Review tab in the Portal, the unconventional home question is where agents select the appropriate dwelling type for the address input on the Interview tab.



The options to choose from are:

Conventional: Traditionally constructed homes built onsite with a permanent foundation. 

Mobile: Homes constructed in a factory with a permanently attached chassis and then brought to a site as self-contained living units.

On a Historical Registry: Homes officially recognized on a local, state, or national historic registry. These homes have specific restrictions on repairs and upgrades that can be made to the structure.

Log Cabin: Homes are constructed with interlocking log weight-bearing walls where the logs typically are both the outside and inside surfaces of the home. Openly accepts log homes or cabins larger than 1,500 sq ft.

Built on Stilts: Homes raised on piles or piers (vertical parts of the foundation driven deep into the ground) over the surface of the soil or a body of water.

Selecting any type other than conventional will result in a Does Not Qualify status that cannot be overridden as we do not have an appetite for unconventional homes.

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