What is the Non-Payment Cancellation Process?

During a non-payment cancellation period, agents can review the payment status under the Manage Policy tab in the Portal to confirm whether or not the premium has been received.

If we have not received full payment for New Business, Renewal, and Premium-Bearing Mid-Term Adjustment premiums by the due date, the Openly Billing Team will send a reminder to the notification email for the Agency of Record.

A five-day grace period will begin if we do not receive payment by the due date. The policy will enter a pre-cancellation state for 30 days if the payment has not been received. The official pre-cancellation notice will be generated after the grace period and will indicate the exact date of cancellation for non-payment. This notice can also be found in the Documents tab.

The Portal may not reflect a canceled status until several days after the cancellation date. Coverage will end on the date specified in the Cancellation Notice documentation, and no coverage will be in force until payment and any required documentation are received.

For example, the payment due date for policy BQ01-EXAMPLE is 01/01/2023:

Date Action
01/01/2023 Invoice Due Reminder sent to agent & agency
01/06/2023 Precancel Notice sent to agent, policyholder, and mortgagee
02/05/2023 Cancellation Notice sent to policyholder & agent


 For further assistance, email us at billing@openly.com.

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