How Do I Navigate the Portal?

Upon logging onto the Portal for the first time, you will notice several features to assist with ease of use.

Upper right of the screen

There is the New Quote button when you are ready to begin quoting, a button with a question mark, which takes you to our Help Center articles. Lastly, you'll see a button with a speech bubble, which allows you to chat with Openly’s service team.

Upper left of the screen

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 8.26.23 AM.png

You'll see a small arrow pointing to the left; this collapses the sidebar. Clicking it a second time will expand the sidebar.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 9.40.19 AM.png

The Search bar takes you to the policy dashboard, which allows you to search for policies using the number, applicant’s name, or property address. You can filter it further by agent and policy status. It will show any policy numbers that are or have been associated with the policy.

The Quotes button allows you to see all your eligible quotes.

The Upcoming Renewals button shows you all policies approaching renewal.

The Non-Renewals button will show you all of your agency's non-renewal policies. Read more in our article, How Do I Use the Non-Renewals Dashboard?

Lower left of the screen


You'll see another button that opens the Help Center

The Appetite Guide brings up a downloadable PDF showing you an overview of Openly's risk tolerances.

The Settings button shows you the available settings for the Portal. This would be where you find your profile information, your authorized states to quote in, change your password, agency information, and where to set up your rater. Depending on your assigned role, you could also add an agent. For more information on roles, see our article, What Are Agency Roles?

The Logout button will sign you out of Openly's Portal.

Contact us via our webform or Live Chat for further assistance.

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