How Do I Set Up EZLynx Version 5 to Quote Openly?

DO NOT use Internet Explorer for this process since the Openly Portal does not support it. We recommend using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

You can find assistance here if you have the older version of EZLynx.

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1. In the Openly Portal, open the Settings page on the screen's bottom left side.

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2. Click on the Raters & IVANS tab.

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3. Click the Generate Key button under the EZLynx area.

4. A box titled Access Key Created will appear. 

Screenshot 2024-07-12 at 9.29.45 AM.png

5. DO NOT close this box until the Access Key is copied. If you accidentally close it, you can click the Delete Key button to generate a new key. Each agent should have their own key to associate with their Openly credentials.

6.  Open another web browser window and log in to EZLynx.

7. Rest your mouse over the gear icon to display the settings menu.

8. Click Carrier Quoting Setup at the top of the settings menu. (If this picture looks unfamiliar, try this article instead.


9. You will come to a page titled Manage Carriers. Find Openly and click on it.

10. Clicking on Openly will bring you to the page above. Enter the email you use to log in to the Openly Agent portal, and paste or enter the Access Key code from step 6. Click Save and Test

11. You will know the setup was successful when a message at the bottom of the page pops up with the words Carrier login successful. You may now close the access key code window in the Openly portal. 

Have a question? See our EZLynx FAQs. Our Customer Experience Team is not able to provide additional insight or troubleshooting. If the advice does not resolve your issue, contact the Admin within your Agency, EZLynx, or your Openly Agency Success Manager for further assistance.

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