How Do I Edit the Policy Mailing Address?

Follow the steps below to update the Policy Mailing Address on an issued policy.

The policy mailing contact must be a Human Named Insured or a Legal Entity Named Insured. If you wish to add a new policy mailing contact not currently on the policy, contact our Customer Experience Team via our webform or Live Chat.

Updating the primary contact's email address or phone number does not require a change endorsement. To update either of those, view this article.


1. Search for a policy and click Manage.

2. Click New Transaction.

3. Choose the Change Endorsement option, select an effective date, and click Create

4. Go to the Parties tab and click Switch in the primary contact box.

5. Select the new policy mailing contact and click Save.

6. If needed, you may also edit the Policy Mailing Address. Click Edit next to the Named Insured flagged as the Policy Mailing Address.


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