How Do I Change the Payment Method?

You can easily change the payment method within the agent dashboard. Here's how:

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  1. Search for the policy and click Manage.
  2. Within the agent dashboard, click New Transaction.
  3. Click on Change Endorsement, select a date, and click Create.
  4. Click on the Billing tab, then click on the Payment Method of choice. You can choose direct bill, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), credit card, or mortgage escrow.                                                            2023-12-08_12-30-35 (1).gif          
  5. If you change the payment method to either EFT or a credit card, a new window will open for the payment information to be entered. Once the information is entered, click Continue, then click the Review tab.
  6. A summary of the proposed changes will be displayed. Once you're satisfied the details are correct, click Issue
  7. You will be asked if you'd like to view the updated policy documents after the transaction is issued.  Select View Documents to be taken directly there.
  8. If you choose to adjust the payment method to EFT or a credit card, a new Payment Authorization Form will be automatically sent to the policyholder. Premium payments cannot be drafted without a signed authorization that matches the payment information. Should you need to upload a wet signed form, then please see the directions here.

We accept all major credit cards and One, Inc., our payment processor, has a 2.99% processing fee for credit card (including debit cards) payments. 

Changing the payment method to EFT or credit card does not charge a payment. If you wish to make a payment, then see this article

If you choose either direct bill or mortgage payments, then see here for our payment mailing address and overnight payment address.

Contact us via webform or live chat if you need further assistance.

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