What Do the Status Definitions Mean?

Once you have completed the required fields on the Interview tab, click Create to see the quote's status displayed on the right side of the screen.


A technical error has occurred, and a rate will not be shown. There is no workaround to this.

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The insured location data is valid and complete. The quote meets the Openly underwriting appetite and displays a bindable rate.  

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Needs Info

One or more data fields need review and updating. Confirm the necessary information with the Applicant. A rate will not be offered until the data field(s) are updated.

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Does Not Qualify

The insured location, the applicant, or dwelling does not meet our underwriting criteria, or a combination of these factors is not a good fit for Openly's underwriting appetite. A rate will not be displayed for risks that do not qualify for coverage with Openly. We can indicate whether the status is clearly due to wildfire risk or the Public Protection Classification. If neither of these reasons is indicated, then multiple factors are used to determine eligibility. In such cases, it's not possible to pinpoint any specific reason why a risk does not qualify.

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Data Unavailable

A critical data point from our vendors was not returned, and a rate cannot be provided. The quote will not be editable.   

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When all required information has been entered, click the Request Bind button at the bottom of the Payment and Bind tab, and the status will show as this, meaning the policy has been successfully bound.

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Issued and Pending Non-Renewal / Non-Renewed

Non-renewal occurs when it is decided not to renew the policy upon its expiration. Customers will receive their notification via USPS mailing at least 60 days before the non-renewal date (subject to state-specific guidelines), and agents will also receive a copy of this notice by USPS mailing.

The policy might be non-renewed if the dwelling doesn’t pass a home inspection or is in a high-risk area for wildfires, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. These policies will appear in the Non-Renewal dashboard, and once the expiration date passes, the Pending Non-Renewal flag changes to Non-Renewed.

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Cancellation occurs when the policy is canceled before the term ends. Each status will show the reason a policy was canceled.

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