How Do I Request an Endorsement?

Openly continually strives to improve functionality and user experience for the agents we work with.

The following endorsements can be completed in the agent portal:

How Do I Change or Update a Policy's Effective Date?

How Do I Edit, Delete, or Update a Mortgagee?

How Do I Update Parties on an Issued Policy?

How Do I Update the Policyholder's Phone Number and Email Address?

How Do I Edit the Policy Mailing Address?

How Do I Change the Payment Method?

Currently, an Openly team member must execute all other endorsements. If you need to make a mid-term endorsement payment between terms, contact us via live chat or phone to request a payment link.

For us to best assist your request, include the following:

  • Policy number
  • Endorsement effective date
  • Description of the transaction request
  • For policy reinstatements, please also include why the policy should be reinstated.

The Service Level Agreement for responding to the request is 24 business hours. To request a policy change, contact us through chat or webform.

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