What Types of Homes Will Openly Accept?

Agents will select the appropriate dwelling type for the property address on the Property Review tab in the Portal. 


We will accept the following home types, subject to state-specific underwriting guidelines:

  • Yes, detached single family: A free-standing residential building
  • Yes, attached single family (rowhome / townhouse)
    • Townhouse: A style of multi-floor home that shares one or two walls with adjacent properties.
    • Rowhome: A single-family home set at the same point on the property line as its neighboring units, sharing a common wall, roofline, and, generally, a consistent exterior design.

Rowhomes and Townhomes must fit these criteria:

  • No Master Policy for the exterior (owner must be responsible for the exterior)
  • No shared common areas or entrances
  • Has separate unit addresses (EX: Unit A, Unit B)
  • The Named Insured owns the unit

Selecting No answers will result in a Does Not Qualify status that cannot be overridden.

We do not accept multifamily homes. A multifamily home is any residential property comprising more than one housing unit within a single main building or insured location. For instance, we consider a property to be a multifamily residence if it has two or more unique living areas, regardless of whether they are attached to the main structure.

The insured location can be defined as:

  • The primary residence premises
  • A section of other premises, structures, and grounds used by the policyholder as a residence, either listed in the Declarations or acquired for residential use

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