How Do I Cancel a Policy?

Ask the Policyholder to complete and sign either a Lost Policy Release (LPR) or the Openly Cancellation Request Form (attached below) for policies that must be canceled.

When returning the request documents to us via our webform, include the new mailing address, if there is one.

If the agent submits an eSigned document, the Customer Experience team may also ask for the submission of a certificate or eSign history document if one is missing.

The cancellation documentation should not be uploaded to the documents tab in the Portal, as it is not monitored for processing. 

If the cancellation request is for a prior term or received more than 60 days before the requested cancellation date, we may require additional documentation depending on the circumstances. For example:

  • Settlement documents or closing disclosure for cancellation due to the sale of the property.
  • A Declaration page from the replacement coverage for cancellation due to coverage elsewhere.

We cannot process a cancellation on the date the policy is set to non-renew. These policies will be visible in the Portal's Non-Renewal Dashboard. After the expiration date, the Pending Non-Renewal status changes to Non-Renewed. The documentation received afterward should serve as confirmation of policy cancellation.

Contact us through our webform or Live Chat if you need further assistance.


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