How Do I Request Bind?

Once all necessary information has been entered for a quote, agents can select the Request Bind button from the Payment & Bind tab in the Portal.

Before requesting to bind the policy, agents will see a dialog box containing important information that requires acknowledgment. This information pertains to the policy's chosen Payment Method, the Application, and the Agent of Record.

Openly associates the Agent of Record with a policy based on the user who clicks the Request Bind button.

The Declarations page and other policy forms will be available for download and sent to the customer via the selected method (electronic or mail).

Openly does not allow agents to issue a coverage binder. Proof of coverage and documents are generated instantly.

If the payment method for a quote is set to EFT or Debit / Credit Card, payment will be remitted when the quote is issued. The policy may take up to an hour to reflect as paid in the Portal. The Pay Balance button will still be displayed during this time, but payment will not be required.

Openly must receive the signed policy application within 30 days or the policy may be canceled.

Applications can be generated before issuing the policy or retrieved from the Documents tab once the policy has been issued. Applications are not automatically sent to the applicant.

For assistance to change the Agent of Record or further help, contact us via our webform or Live Chat.

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