What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Agents can send an ePay link to policyholders for a one-time payment via text or email. Additionally, agents can pay from the agent dashboard using the Pay Balance button. 

Directions for policyholders on how to complete the payment, depending on the link type, are attached below.

Openly does not accept premium financing at this time, except in South Carolina.

Should a quote have the method of payment set to EFT or Debit/Credit Card, then payment will be remitted when the quote is issued. The policy can take up to an hour to reflect as paid in the Portal. The Pay Balance button will still show during that time, but payment will not be required.


Openly withdraws funds directly from the policyholder's bank account via our payment processing partner, One, Inc. The policyholder must authorize the transaction verbally with the agent and then in writing post-issuance. One, Inc. does not charge policyholders a service fee to process the transaction via EFT.

Credit Card

We accept payment through all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover). Openly charges the policyholder's credit card at the time of the transaction via One, Inc. There is a 2.99% service fee One, Inc. charges for processing this payment, which will be included in the total amount charged. The service fee is not reflected in the premium, and Openly does not have the authority to waive the service fee for any card payments.

Mortgagee Billed

The policyholder's mortgage lender pays the premium. Once the new business policy is issued, Openly submits an invoice to the mortgage lender listed and expects payment within 45 days after the policy's effective date. Renewal invoices are mailed to the listed mortgage lender 60 days before the renewal date and are due on the renewal date. There is no service fee associated with the mortgagee billed option.

Direct Billed

The policyholder pays the premium. The policyholder receives an invoice by mail or email detailing the amount of the premium due and the due date. We allow 30 days to make payments by check. Please see here for our payment mailing address and overnight payment address.

Contact us via our webform or Live Chat for further assistance.

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